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Photography, graphic design & stationery

Photographs in commission or delivered from the large photo archive of 3 decades photography of Adriana Sjan Bijman, specialised in nature, flowers, ecology, landscapes, community life at the Findhorn Foundation Community, people as well as organic farming & gardening.
Adriana Sjan Bijman’s beautiful photographs have been used on CD/DVD covers, posters, leaflets and magazines in Europe.

Participant and co-organiser of the Findhorn Craft Group

Photography, Photo-projects, Graphic Design, Photo-Art

An introduction:

- Photography from archive or in commission : people, landscape, business/organisation profile, community life....

- Graphic Design: posters, music and events CD/DVD covers, part of a marketing package including website delivery....

- Autonomous photo projects and Multimedia shows

- books: at Findhorn Press and self publication of several photobooks, community book (total art direction & production) like Findhorn Birthday Book 'Spirit of the Future' (2013)

All galeries and portfolios of work can be found at Adriana's personal website photo & graphic albums including books, portfolio, graphic design albums, some years of her monthly photo favourites, celtic pages and more.

Most of my community projects involve photography, graphic design, text and/or video. Latest the Findhorn Birthday Book is a good example. It has its own website. I've created books in Findhorn, like the "Gifts from the FIndhorn Gardens' with Scottish bard Margot Henderson, photo for the updated version of the bestselling 'The Findhorn Garden Story' for Findhorn Press. Amongst older community projects are "Inspired - Findhorn People", as well as "Findhorn Arvchived" where you find stories based on the names of some of the early days caravans and bungalows in the Findhorn Foundation Community.

Scottish Storyteller

Photography Commissions

An example of used photography on a CD cover

Neale Donald Walsch

From archive and in commission

Portrait photography

examples: Neale Donald Walsch, Corinne McLaughlin, Gordon Davidson, Vandana Shiva, Winona LaDuke, Marko Pogacnik, Miranda, Carolyn Myss, Eileen Caddy, David Spangler, Sandra Ingerman. Contact me for more information

Craig Gibsone Inspired

Graphic Design

In commission; sometimes including the marketing as well.

Above an example: photo and design for advert The Findhorn Bakehouse & Bakery, 2013

Findhorn Garden Book

Photo books

of Findhorn and elsewhere.

As example the Findhorn Birthday Book.

Birthday calendar

Web shop

Notebooks, Greeting cards and photo Products, Boxes with cards, Calendars, Placemats, Books and other paper products: go to the online shop to see a selection of them. Contact us if you have a shop and like to see the whole range. Customers have a look at the list of shops, which sell our products.

celtic festivals Samhain Celtic festivals

Celtic Festivals in Community

Living in Scotland one gets to know more about the Celtic Festivals, and how they have been celebrated through millennia on the earth by the people, to honour the sun, the invisible Energy or Godesses and the fertitily and harvests of the land. Read and see more on Adriana's series of Celtic Festivals page.

Craig Gibsone Inspired


Findhorn People (older Project)

In 2008 Adriana interviewed and photographed some members of the Findhorn Foundation Community . "Who or what inspires you here?" This page has been taken down on request.

Findhorn faces Archived

Findhorn Archived

"Archived" is an older project using archival photos with ex-members of the Findhorn Foundation Community. Adriana interviewed people and they share some memories.

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