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About shops selling our products

In the next column you see listed shops which buy from us on a regular basis and where you can find some of our stock. We are ongoingly in negotiation with a large number of shops in England and Scotland, and there are also shops that buy very incidentially from us, like some shops in Ullapool, Oxford and Glastonbury.

Please contact us if you are a retailer- shop and would like to have our products in stock, or if you would like to bring us in contact with a shop nearby you. Thank you.

Links; shops that sell our products, and more information

Shops selling our products:


Phoenix Community Shop, The Park, Findhorn, Forres, Moray

Cluny Shop, Cluny Hil, St Leonard Rd, Forres, Moray

Babalu, 65 High Street, Forres, Moray

Findhorn Lodge, Tjitze de Jong, Forres, Moray

Caledonian Craft Creations, 115 High Street, Nairn, Moray

Logie Steading Gallery, Logie, nr Forres, Moray

The Iona Community Shop, Isle of Iona, Mull, Argyll

The Netherlands:

De Groene Zon, de Wiershoek, Beijumerweg 20, Groningen

Mevlana, Folkingestraat 41, Groningen

Drukkerij/kaartenwinkel Comprint, Noorderstraat 81-83, Sappemeer


Adhara Buechertempel, Pestolozzistrasse 35, 10627 Berlin

Links from Findhorn Images:

On the several pages of this website there are lots of direct links to the organisations we work with. Here are some extra special ones!


portrait photography

For the website of Rich Thinkers - now called 'Wild Wisdom' I made a portrait series of Jane Duncan Rogers, which was a joy as well as an exercise in acknowledging the true wealth in and around us. Just what Jane her coaching business is about! See more about Jane's amazing work on her website.

Wild Wisdom

Findhorn bakery & The Bakehouse

The Bakehouse is the best restaurant in Findhorn and surroundings, full of organic food. Their cakes, pizzas and bamboo-lattes are fenominal. The Findhorn Bakery has wonderful bread. See more at



Ecologia (my neighbours in the form erpremises) is a charity working with Russian orphans in Kitezh children's community. They also do great work for children in Kenya, Georgia and Uganda, as well as with families in Thailand. See more at


Trees for Life

"Trees For Life" is a local conservation charity committed to restoring the Caledonian forest.They are doing great work. Find out more about them:



Findhorn Foundation

The Findhorn Foundation is an educational workshop centre on a spiritual basis, in the heart of the Community. For the workshop & events programme, for our "Online Community" see more at



portrait Adriana

The personal website of Adriana Sjan Bijman with a Flash portfolio page

See also in the NFA website:




We work together and you would like to link? Contact me please. Thank you for visiting this site. Have a wonderday day!

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