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Adriana Sjan Bijman selfportrait

portrait of Adriana, 2014

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Findhorn Images & Adriana

Findhorn Images is a small business, in premises at The Park, Findhorn. Itís amazing what can all be created in a small space! Some of our storage space is in Findhorn village.

One person on their own can do a lot if supported by others. Findhorn Images actually means Adriana Sjan Bijman PhotoArt.

I, Adriana, am the creative and art-directional 'working force' behind Findhorn Images. I am a photographer/graphic designer/artist and gardener, working and living since 1998 in Scotland. Where I love it! I was born at the Dutch countryside. I had my main design- & photography education at the G Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, did Interactive Multimedia Creation at the UHI in Moray and learned a lot since then. I love travelling and I lived in four other European countries before choosing the Moray coast in Scotland as my base. I like to call myself European.

For half a year I worked in Auroville in the south of India and the contact with a small paperfactory was kept; our handmade paper originates from there as a fair trade.

I am very grateful to have several other community members help me with Findhorn Images, as well as having the support of a community around me.

I greatly value my customers and equally value Nature's resources. Consequently I strive to produce a range of products local and environmental friendly. Our favourite local printer is the award winning Big Sky Printers. They use vegetable oil based inks on FSC-accreditted paper.

Together we create the products with lots of love and joy, to spread the message of beauty and preciousness of Nature.

Thank you for visiting our website and buying at the online shop! enjoy browsing!

With Light, Adriana Sjan Bijman


Contact details

The Park, Findhorn, Forres,Moray, IV36 3TD Scotland -GB


Findhorn village and The Park

Findhorn is a small old fishing village at the Findhorn Bay on a peninsula into the Moray Firth in the north of Scotland."Findhorn" also stands for the intentional community on a spiritual base, including an eco-village, which just celebrated its 50 years. At its core is the Findhorn Foundation, with a living education workshop-centre-in-community. It's great to live here. Come and visit us!

Findhorn village

Near the "Ee' at Findhorn village.

The Findhorn Bay and Moray Firth present a beautiful sight with its wide beaches and untouched dunelands full of wild plants.

The Nature Sanctuary in The Park

The Findhorn Foundation Community is primarily based at The Park and at Cluny Hill College in Forres. The Findhorn Association (NFA) is the umbrella for the Findhorn Foundation, other organisations, businesses and individual members of the community.


Photographs in commission or delivered from the large photo archive of three decades black-and-white and colour photography of Adriana Sjan Bijman. Specialised in nature, flowers, landscapes, ecology, community life at the Findhorn Foundation Community, people as well as organic farming and gardening. Archive with photography about the womens movement, squatting- and peace movement in the 70s and 80s. Adriana Sjan Bijman's beautiful photographs have been used on record/CD/DVD covers, posters, leaflets, websites and magazines in Europe over many years.

See more at Adriana's website with monthly favourite photos, newsletters and other. Participant and co-organiser of the Findhorn Craft Group.

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